Wednesday, March 26, 2008

and the winner is...

Well everyone, we have a donor. My results came back yesterday and mom does not have antibodies to my blood. We are so relieved. Although I'm not a perfect match, I'm thankful that Mom won't have to undergo plasmapheresis.

Surgery is tentatively scheduled for 4/23/08, and I have my final work up on Thursday, April 3rd. This visit will include CT-angio scan, chest x-ray, more blood work and urine testing, meeting with the nurse educator and transplant social worker and a doctor's visit with my surgeon. We may try to change the date to 5/2/08 because Nathan has a huge deadline at work on 4/30/08 and I'd like him to be at the hospital the day of my surgery. That change will depend on Mom's blood work next week.

This whole thing is starting to feel so real... I'm thinking about which pajamas to pack for our hospital stay, and whether I should bring my regular or my electric toothbrush. I wish the dogs could come with us--maybe I can buy "Seeing Kidney Dog" vests for them online :)

I think Ally (my nine year old Rottweiler) might actually thinks she's qualified to do the surgery because she's spent so many hours studying with me over the years.

Special thanks to Deb in the living donor office for putting a rush on my bloodwork. It feels like every day counts at this point. I should also mention that everyone at the transplant office and in Dr. Light's office has been very helpful and very understanding. Their empathy is really appreciated.

Take care,

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