Thursday, May 29, 2008

A day at the doctor's

Mom and I went to Dr. Zimrin's office on 5/23/08 for a hematology consult. Dr. Zimrin is mom's regular hematologist. The transplant surgeon wanted her advice about mom's anticoagulation pre-op/post-op. It was a pretty fun day. First we stopped by Hopkins (my work) so I could check on an experiment in lab and get my annual TB test read.

Then we motored over to UMMS. We parked in the Redwood garage, and mom walked all the way to the Weinberg cancer center. Then mom had vital signs and we went to an exam room. Much to my surprise, my friend from medical school, Amy K. was our fellow. I was completely reassured. Amy is a very intelligent, but also very kind woman. Going with the small world theme, she knows Bev, a nurse in the NICU where I work. Pretty funny. We talked with Dr. Z and Amy about our concerns regarding the MRI, and they recommended we talk to the transplant people. I'm working on a letter to email them, because that seems to be the most reliable method of communication. I'm going to finish it by this weekend.

After our appointment, we went to Donna's for lunch. Much to our surprise, mom's friend Amy is now the manager of the UMMS Donna's. They were really happy to see each other. Mom met Amy 5 years ago, when she worked at the Donna's in Columbia. We were glad to hear she delivered a healthy (but ornery :) ) baby boy, who is now 13 months old. Very kindly, she made our lunch complimentary.

Next we dashed back to my house to wait for the stove repairman, who fixed the electrical part of my *new* stove. We got the stove back in October, and about a month ago the electrical element caught fire. I quickly turned of the electricity to the gas stove, worried that the gas line could explode, and the fire went out. Apparently the position of the knobs on our fancy stainless gas stove allows water in, which shorts out the electric. Next time, buy a stove with knobs on the front. Live and learn.

Mom got to spend time with her grand-dogs, and work on her knitting. Then Nathan came home and we had Indian food leftovers for dinner (yum!). All in all, a very nice day.


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