Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kathryn!!!

Today is my aunt Kathryn's birthday, best wishes for a great day and I'll see you tonight!

In unrelated news, here's the kidney update...

I sent in my urine this morning to check the calcium level. I expect the results by Tuesday, which is coincidentally the day the transplant committee meets. Hopefully we'll know by Wednesday if Mom and I are a go for surgery. Matt is sending his blood in on Monday to check the antibody status. In the meantime, we're evaluating offers of cadaveric kidneys as they come in, and we'll re-evaluate our openness to that option on Wednesday.

The weather in Baltimore is beautiful, sunny and warm. Mom is continuing to do a great job with her diet and exercise. She had an ankle injury last week that seems to be healing well. Work is very busy, as usual, working on a new set of experiments and attending in the Hopkins newborn nursery (where the heathy-ish newborns reside). Nathan is working hard, too (starting at 5 am some days) at his new company. Ally and Dora are eating too much of the spring grass, causing me to run around the yard in my pajamas yelling at them to spit out grass. At least it gives the neighbors something to laugh about, I guess. Matt is working six days a week on his current film, "When in Rome," a Disney production and riding his new bike to work in Brooklyn.

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