Friday, April 11, 2008

the urine's in the mail...

well, i completed my 48 hour litholink urine collection, and mailed it back to the company yesterday. it was pretty fun, carrying a jug of pee around the icu during my week of 14 hour night shifts. i'm going to call tomorrow and try to get them to put a rush on the results. less than 2 weeks until surgery day...

i'm off this weekend so mom and i are planning to go shopping for fun things for our stay at chez umms. perhaps fuzzy slippers and matching house coats. don't want our hineys showing in the skimpy hospital gowns. i ordered us matching bags online but they're backordered until 4/23 (ironically enough).

on monday we meet with dr bartlett, mom's surgeon, for the first time. we've met with 3 surgeons so far. mine, and 2 others that work at the transplant division, but aren't doing our surgery. we're making a list of questions for him. tuesday is pre-op day, and an appointment with the anesthesiologist(s).

on a completely un-kidney related note, i'm really thankful that this week of nights is over. i haven't seen nathan since last weekend and i really miss him. the dogs, however, are in heaven--they're only alone for a few minutes in the morning and an hour in the evening.

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